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Advertising & Media

Firstly, MarComs - or marketing communications - means every communication you have with your customer, be it an advertising campaign, a sales brochure, a new website or even a new business card. It's still surprising how many companies produce every piece of communication as a stand-alone item, bearing no relation to any other piece of communication. The result is a diluted brand image, a confused customer - and a missed opportunity.

Integrating - or making sure all your communications fit together to carry the same message - is a key way of reinforcing your brand image and maximizing the impact of every contact point you have with your customers. It sounds easy, but getting it right can prove more difficult.

How can we help? Firstly, we can identify the correct marketing communications channels to help you achieve your strategic objectives. We can then develop the right message and then integrate that message into every communication you have with your customers be it Radio Ads, Outdoors, Print Ads, Direct Marketing, or PR events.

We also handle all the logistics involved with some of the communication channels like media booking of Radio, outdoors and print ads; printing of all BTL materials needed and production of giveaways and promotional materials.

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