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Public Training Programs

Public Training Programs are available upon request. At least 12 participants are required to start a public course. Below is a list of all available pre-built courses. These may be tailored to your needs and requirements accordingly if it is needed by a group of at least 12 people.

Course ID Course Title Type Hours
All courses are available upon request.
CS101 Business Etiquette for Call Centers Customer Service 7
CS102 Dealing with Difficult Customers Customer Service 4
CS301 Effective Call Center Management Skills Customer Service 7
CS201 Managing Customer Service / Sales Customer Service 6
CS103 Telesales Training Customer Service 7
CS202 Customer Relationship Management Customer Service 8
CS203 Customer Retention & Satisfaction Customer Service 6
IT101 Introduction to Adobe® Photoshop Graphic / Web Design 6
IT201 Introduction to Adobe® Dreamweaver Graphic / Web Design 6
IT102 Advanced Adobe® Photoshop Skills Graphic / Web Design 8
IT202 Advanced Adobe® Dreamweaver Skills Graphic / Web Design 8
IT203 User Xperience Graphic / Web Design 6
IT103 Using Adobe® Photoshop for Web Design Graphic / Web Design 5
IT104 Using Adobe® Photoshop for Press & Media Design Graphic / Web Design 5
HR201 Competency-Based Interviewing Skills Human Resources 4
HR302 Developing World-Class Employees Human Resources 6
HR205 The Best of Performance Appraisal Systems Human Resources 6
HR101 Building Job Descriptions Using SMART KPIs Human Resources 4
HR202 Employee Performance Management Human Resources 8
HR206 Salary Grading & Schemes Building Techniques Human Resources 5
HR207 Recruitment & Selection Strategies Human Resources 4
HR203 Organizational Structure Strategies Human Resources 4
HR204 Job Evaluation & Job Matching Human Resources 8
IE101 Basics of International Trade Import / Export 6
IE102 Import Customs Documents Import / Export 4
IE103 Export Customs Documents & Methods of Payment Import / Export 6
IE104 International Trade Logistics & Transportation Import / Export 4
IE105 Harmonized System Import / Export 3
IE106 Custom Clearance (Export, Import & Free Zone) Import / Export 5
AD101 Administrative Assistant Training Individual 3
IN101 Work-Life Balance Individual 4
IN112 Effective Business Report Writing Individual 4
IN301 Advanced Negotiation Strategies Individual 4
IN102 Effective Negotiation Individual 4
IN113 Team Presentation Skills Individual 4
IN103 Presentation Skills Individual 4
IN104 Problem Solving & Decision Making Individual 4
IN105 Time & Stress Management Individual 4
IN114 Team Building Skills & Techniques Individual 6
IN201 Team Building Essentials Individual 4
IN115 Proposal Writing Individual 4
IN106 Analytical & Conceptual Thinking Individual 4
IN107 Experiential Learning Individual 6
IN108 Work Ethics & Values Individual 6
IN109 Accountability Individual 6
IN110 Interpersonal Skills Individual 6
IN111 Responding to Conflicts Individual 4
MG301 Managing Organizational Behavior Management 8
MG307 Communication Skills for Managers Management 6
MG201 Total Quality Management Management 6
MG302 Conflict Resolution Management 4
MG202 Basic Management Skills Management 5
MG303 Effective Management Skills Management 8
MG101 Change Management Management 6
MG203 Coaching for Outstanding Job Performance Management 6
MG304 Strategic Planning Management 6
MG305 Strategic Management Management 8
MG102 Self-Directed Teams Management 12
MG204 Supervising & Motivating Your Team Management 8
MG205 Train the Trainer Management 6
MG206 Project Management Management 8
MG207 Leadership & Team Development for Managerial Success Management 6
MG208 Mentoring & Coaching Skills Management 6
MG209 Risk Management Management 4
MG306 Talent Identification & Management Management 6
MG210 Achieving excellence and continuous improvement Management 6
MG211 Visioning and Alignment Management 6
MS101 Fundamentals of Marketing Marketing / Sales 4
MS102 Principles of Brand Management Marketing / Sales 4
MS103 Creating a Marketing Plan Marketing / Sales 6
MS104 Customer Retention & Satisfaction Marketing / Sales 6
MS301 Strategic Marketing Marketing / Sales 6
MS105 Advertising & Promotion Marketing / Sales 6
MS106 SPIN Selling Marketing / Sales 8

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